Recipient:  The Implementation Agency of Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic

Allocation:  23 322 709,13 €

Territorial validity: all autonomus regions of Slovak republic

Duration:  09/2019 – 11/2023

Project target groups:

  • public and non-public social service providers,
  • young people, especially young people under the age of 29, who are not on the register of jobseekers, nor in employment, nor involved in the education or training process – NEET
  • subjects carrying out activities in the public interest
  • childrens,
  • families with children, single-parent families with children, multi-child families
  • staff implementing policies and measures to prevent discrimination and / or social inclusion in both the public and private sectors
  • low-income households
  • disadvantaged job seeker 
  • persons with disabilities
  • children, adults and families for whom social protection measures for children and social guardianship are implemented
  • marginalized groups, including the Roma
  • asylum seekers, persons with subsidiary protection
  • individuals or groups at risk of discrimination, poverty or social exclusion
  • entities implementing measures for the social protection of children and social guardianship
  • children and adults who are provided with social services

Project purpose:

Further building and development of professional capacities of providers of selected social services of crisis intervention (community centers/ low-threshold day centers / low-threshold social services for childrens and family) at the community level in order to increase the efficiency of their activities – that means to provide quality professional support to individuals and families at risk of poverty and social exclusion leading to self-help solutions to their social problems, as well as to provide support leading to the development of entire communities through the targeted use of community resources.

The goal of the NP will be fulfilled through: the main activity and its subsequent sub-activities

Main activity:

1. Building the professional capacities of selected social services of crisis intervention at the community level


1.1. Establishment and operation of a leading committee

1.2. The process of involving entities in the project and supporting the activities of the providers of social services of crisis intervention on the community level

1.3. Building professional capacities of selected social services of crisis intervention at the community level

1.3.1 Professional capacity building in the form of methodological support and training of social services providers (Community centers/ Low-threshold day centers / Low-threshold social services for childrens and family)

1.3.2 Professional capacity building by supporting the building of partnerships and networking of crisis intervention actors at the community level

1.3.3 Professional capacity building in the form of support for community workin Community centers

1.4 Analysis of benefits and impacts of the activities of social service providers

2. Project management
3. Publicity of the project